Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein


Le son du pignon, bicycle animation


Lovely !!!

I’ve Seen Films – International Film Festival – – Director: David Martin (France) – A bicycle repairman absorbed in dull everyday work is swept over by the repetitive rhythm.



Lovely commercial using cycling

O amolador – The Knives sharpener

Less and less people doing this kind of work. Maybe in Africa or India but not in Europe any more…

Sítio dos Gorjões, Faro,  Portugal

Jacques Tati working on bicycle


From de movie “Jour de Fête”

2 in 1 – Musical Interlude & Bicycle Animation

Thiago Pethit e Tiê – Essa Canção Francesa/ That French Song

Dirigido por/Directed by: Rafael Barion e Adams Carvalho
Editado por/Editing by: Olivia Brenga The video was filmed, edited and then rotoscoped (drawn frame by frame) by Adams. (more…)

A Bicycle Trip by Lorenzo Veracini, Nandini Nambiar and Marco Avoletta


Father and Daughter – Short Film Oscar Winner