Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein


Le son du pignon, bicycle animation


Lovely !!!

I’ve Seen Films – International Film Festival – – Director: David Martin (France) – A bicycle repairman absorbed in dull everyday work is swept over by the repetitive rhythm.



Alain Delorme Cargo Bike Extravaganza

All Photographys by Alain Delorme

Jean Metzinger, Le Vélodrome -1914-

About Jean Metzinger on Wikipedia

Fernand Léger – homage to Louis David -1948-

2 in 1 – Musical Interlude & Bicycle Animation

Thiago Pethit e Tiê – Essa Canção Francesa/ That French Song

Dirigido por/Directed by: Rafael Barion e Adams Carvalho
Editado por/Editing by: Olivia Brenga The video was filmed, edited and then rotoscoped (drawn frame by frame) by Adams. (more…)

Roue de bicyclette, Marcel Duchamp -1913-

“…Duchamp explained, he had produced Bicycle Wheel because he enjoyed watching the wheel spinning (explaining the stool). The spinning wheel, he went on, was as enthralling a flames in a fireplace (which he would have used if he had a fireplace). Whether that was a joke or a calculated move is hard to tell.”

Photo and text by Centre Pompidou.

Vintage Bicycle Posters