Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein

BIANCHI — 1930/50 —

Frame: Double traction bicycle, appropriate for small ways. Traction dynamics are very different from the classical bicycles. Handmade frame, italian replica of the most popular prewar frame. Double traction with sprinter-bar pedal cranks
Wheels: Front hub made by F.B. Rear Hub with double traction, handmade. Rims by NISI – Toro Tyres by Pirelli Stella, Bianchi and Para.
Traction: Double pedal crank with handmade sprinter-bar. Double chains by Regina Extra Oro. Leather saddle. Bi Italia extra. Steel pedals by Shefield Super-Sport
Steering system: Handmade Handle-bar. Steel pipe and level by Ambrosio supersport, Bakelite grips.
Additional features: Light system and bell by Regina.

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